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Make & Fit your own Bra Book

By the same author of the Bra-makers Manual, the Make & Fit your own Bra book is a bra class at your fingertips! This book includes step-by-step instructions with large print. The book also includes diagrams and photos of how to make and fit BOTH types of bras – partial band and full band.

The Make & Fit Your own Bra book is intended to be used with any bra pattern. The book is perfect for bra-making teachers or beginning enthusiasts. It contains instructions for altering fitting challenges for both partial and full band bras. 72 pages revised in November 2011.

Both types of bra constructions are detailed in the Make & Fit your own bra book and the book is divided into two sections. The full band bra that can be made with or without wires and the partial band bra, which must use wires as part of its support. As a bonus, the author has included instructions for adding lace and making padded straps.

What’s in the Book?

The book begins by teaching you to measure properly for a bra and choose the equipment and tools necessary for the sewing room. Don’t worry, you very likely have everything you need already. Then, author Beverly V. Johnson talks about the materials and findings you will need for your new bras. She also stresses the importance of the DoGS when laying out the pattern pieces on the fabric. The bra parts and the pattern pieces are all clearly identified. Furthermore, pattern layouts are also included so you won’t get mixed up!

Once you have cut your pieces, you are ready to start sewing. This is where the step-by-step instructions are invaluable. The book uses both photos and line drawings to illustrate each step along the way. After sewing the bra with countless tips from the author, you are ready to do the fitting. Common fitting challenges and their solutions with photos and line drawings make alterations a breeze.

Also included in the Make & Fit your own Bra book is a gallery of bras that students have made over the years. You will love viewing bras sewn by others and know that you will be able to do it too, with the Fairy Bra Mother by your side.

If you want a teacher in your sewing room…

Those who learn better through video instruction have had great success with our online bra-making class through Bluprint (formerly Craftsy). Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit is based in part on the Make & Fit your own Bra Book. The Bluprint class once purchased is yours forever and your access never expires or can be watched as part of their monthly subscription service.